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Poetry and songs are natural to children. They speak Poetry and songs themselves, unwittingly spilling out metaphors of the most surprising and engaging kind. Good poems do the same thing.  Babies, toddlers, and young children just love the sounds of poetry or songs, even if they don’t understand all the words or the meanings of the poems or songs.

Children of all ages seem to remember children’s poems and songs with relative ease, especially rhyming poetry and songs. Poetry and songs  are also part of one’s cultural identity, part of one’s shared culture.

Expose children to poetry and songs simply by reading it aloud and emphasizing the rhymes or the sounds of the words. Let them to enjoy the sounds of the language. With older children, get them to think about different kinds of poetry or songs. Introduce older children to different kinds of poetry books – anthologies, concrete poems or songs , narrative poems or songs, and humorous poems or songs. Show them the huge sweep of what poetry can be about color, nature, and emotions.


POEMS AND SONGS FOR CHILDREN :  WORKING TOGETHER SUPPORT TO THE HEALTH OF ALL CHILDREN BY INFORMATION AND EDUCATION NETWORKING. Advancing of the future pediatric to optimalized physical, mental and social health and well being for fetal, newborn, infant, children, adolescents and young adult  

POEMS AND SONGS FOR CHILDREN  be a global resource of Poems and Songs for Children, advancing excellence in clinical care through education  and information online

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for supporting the children and helping them,

    Best wishes, Milou

  2. Laknatullah beserta orang-orang yang menzalimi anak-anak.

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