Posted by: Indonesian Children | June 18, 2009

Children are amazing

Laughter echo through the skies,
– children are amazing
So young and so innocent
– children are amazing
Care free yet compassionate and kind
– children are amazing
From birth to walking and finally speaking ”Dada”
– children are amazing
Enthusiastic at day, pristine at night
– children are amazing
Naive and curious, motivated to learn
– children are amazing
Heaven sent, God’s little miracles
– children are amazing
Working young, carrying sacks heavier than them
– children are amazing
Selfless, working for their families
– children are amazing
Naked in the streets, asking for money to eat
– children are amazing
Dreams to nightmares, hearts strengthened in mud
– children are amazing
Staying resilient through adversity and poverty,
That is truly AMAZING!

Mel Vincent Basconcillo


Supported  by

Yudhasmara Foundation

JL Taman Bendungan Asahan 5 Jakarta Indonesia 102010

phone : 62(021) 70081995 – 5703646



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