Posted by: Indonesian Children | June 18, 2009

My Poem For Children in Need

Today it’s children in need

And I’d just like to say

That all the children in need

Have a really happy day


It will change the things in their life

And everything they do

Because if you really think this over

It’s because of me and you


Some of the children in this world

Have no parents like our mother or father

If I asked you one of those choices

I know which one you’d rather


Some children of this world

Have no arm or leg

So they have to go outside

Sit in the streets and beg


Some of the children in this world

Have no home at all

They sleep inside a cardboard box

And lean on a stone, cold wall


That’s why we’re raising money

That’s why there’s Pudsy Bear

Now you have read this poem

I hope that you are aware

By Josephine




Supported  by

Yudhasmara Foundation 

JL Taman Bendungan Asahan 5 Jakarta Indonesia 102010

phone : 62(021) 70081995 – 5703646 



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email :



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