Posted by: Indonesian Children | June 22, 2009

A childhood forgotten, a childhood lost .

I can’t remember,
Skipping rocks on the pond,
My childhoods forgotten,
My Childhoods lost,

Going to the lake,
Sitting on the beach,
Playing with friends,
or dancing in the streets,

I can’t remember,
The crash in the fog,
My childhood was forgotten,
My childhood was lost,

The doctor doing surgery,
Me getting pills,
I can’t remember any of it,
None of it’s clear,

I still can’t remember,
How it is gone,
My childhood forgotten,
My childhood’s lost!

Well I’m gonna end it right now,
I gonna kill myself off,
A childhood Forgotten,
A childhood lost

Authors Note:
Written for a friend who forgot her childhood, and committed suicide because of it.

Danielle Baxter


Provided by

Yudhasmara Foundation

email :




Copyright © 2009, Poems for Children   Network  Information Education Network. All rights reserved.

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