Posted by: Indonesian Children | June 22, 2009

Baby’s eyes

Baby’s eyes
Are looking at you
He may be wondering who I am
I am his uncle
Baby’s eyes
So blue
Like the color of the sky
It sparkles
It has so much life
In that little baby eyes that I can see
And I know that his eyes are happy
I see it
That baby is a happy and healthy baby
I am so glad for that
Baby’s eyes
Has not even a tear
Baby’s eyes
Are so beautiful
To watch
Baby’s eyes
Are getting tired now
Now it is the time for the baby’s nap time
Need a lot of sleep us you know
Sweet dreams little baby
Count the sheep’s
When you are having your nap

Aldo Kraas


Provided by

Yudhasmara Foundation

email :




Copyright © 2009, Poems for Children   Network  Information Education Network. All rights reserved.


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