Posted by: Indonesian Children | August 5, 2009

Free Download MP3 Lagu dan Album Terbaru Mbah Surip, Gratis ..!



  • Mbah Surip – Tukang Nasi Goreng
  • Mbah Surip – Surat Cinta
  • Mbah Surip – Sejarah Cintaku
  • Mbah Surip – Orang Gila
  • Mbah Surip – Gadis Sawo Matang
  • Mbah Surip – Enek Enak Keenakan
  • Mbah Surip – Dikejar Kejar
  • Mbah Surip – Bangun Tidur Remix
  • Mbah Surip – Tak Gendong
  • Mbah Surip – Bangun Tidur Lagi


    Provided by

    Yudhasmara Foundation

    email :


    Editor in Chief :

    Dr Widodo Judarwanto




    Copyright © 2009, Poems for Children   Network  Information Education Network. All rights reserved.

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