Posted by: Indonesian Children | August 29, 2009

Sweet Baby

Sweet baby
we felt sadness when you were born early
you weren’t complete
you had hair somewhat curly
and tiny little feet

Sweet baby
your doing better now
you can breath on your own!
I wonder when we can take you home?

Sweet baby
its been quite some time
your coming with us now
where you can grow and shine!

Sweet baby
your still too young to laugh and play
but I want you to know this
I love you like I loved you my whole life okay

Sweet baby
look at you growing up
crawling, walking, I cant believe it
you can almost say whats up

Sweet baby
soon you’ll be doing homework
taking tests
I hope you take them most out of your education
because in the end it will only be for the best

Sweet baby
your becoming a young man
peer-pressure? no way!
I want you to be the best man you can

Sweet baby
now you are a man
getting married, paying the bills
starting a family and having your own sweet baby

Sweet baby
all I want you to know is I loved you once
I love you still, always have and always will

Your My One And Only Sweet Baby

Ms. American Dream …

Provided by
Yudhasmara Foundation
email :

Editor in Chief :
Dr Widodo Judarwanto

Copyright © 2009, Poems for Children Network Information Education Network. All rights reserved.

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